Meet our team!

Dr. Zoe Baxter
Dr. Zoe Baxter

DVM, Medical Director

Dr. Zoe Baxter is a native Idahoan, growing up locally in the Treasure Valley, being raised outside of Kuna, Idaho on a farm with acres to run and play. She graduated from Kuna High School and went on to Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, finishing her doctorate by attending Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Since graduating in 2006, Dr. Baxter returned to her hometown, working at Ada Animal Hospital for 12 years, before opening up Hometown Animal Clinic in 2018. With years of education and experience, she was able to mold and develop the clinic it is known to be today.

Dr. Baxter shares her life with her husband and three kids, back at the farm she grew up on, in Kuna. She is quite often found deep in her gardens during the summer days, and in her greenhouse during the off season. When not gardening, she loves spending time with her kids, going to their cabin, and attending concerts.

Animal Head Count: 3 Dogs (Thunder & Lightning, & Bill), 1 Cat (Rocky Rockstar), 1 Horse (Marley), 2 Miniature Donkeys (BlackJack & Mojo), 1 Bearded Dragon (Lettie), & Countless Chickens

Dr. Baxter’s Why She Chose Veterinary Medicine: “I really like the challenge of medicine and animals, but don’t like touching people.

Carolyn Sween
Dr. Carolyn Blackstock
DVM, Associate

Dr. Carolyn Blackstock is originally from Minnesota, completing her undergraduate and veterinary studies in Massachusetts at Tufts University. She found her heart in Idaho by traveling out here whenever she got the chance, working in stockyards during the summers and visiting a rancher who is now her husband.

Dr. Blackstock joined Hometown Animal Clinic in 2019, shortly after receiving her doctorate, and from there we have gotten the great opportunity to watch her blossom into the doctor she is today.

Dr. Blackstock shares her life with her husband in Marsing, Idaho on a working cattle ranch. When not at work, you can find her driving around the ranch in her Ranger, playing with her plants and always up for a good time.

Animal Head Count: 2 Dogs (Samwise & Moose), 3 Horses (Bill, Oakley & Elli)

Dr. Blackstock’s Why She Chose Veterinary Medicine: “Because I love people who love animals and wanted to help them.”

Dr. Travis
Dr. Travis Hamilton
DVM, Associate

Dr. Travis Hamilton is from Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine in 2020. In addition to practicing small animal medicine since graduation, he has also gone on to receive additional specific training in top soft tissue and orthopedic surgery out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Hamilton shares his life with his fiance (also a veterinarian) enjoying the outdoors in their free time among other things such as hiking, camping, fishing, off-roading, and BBQ grilling.

Animal Head Count: 1 Dog (Kyra), 1 horse (Nova)

Dr. Hamilton’s Why He Chose Veterinary Medicine: “Growing up with a family farm I was always around animals and found a passion for taking care of them. I really enjoy learning and veterinary medicine poses unique challenges that allows you to dive deep into your knowledge bank to customize your medicine for each individual patient’s needs.”

Alyson<br />
Alyson Green
Practice Manager

Alyson has lived in Idaho for over 30 years, growing up locally in Eagle, Idaho, graduating from Eagle High School and later attending college at Boise State University. Alyson has been in the field for over 10 years and with the clinic since 2018 when Hometown Animal Clinic opened their doors. Starting out as a technician, she is now the Practice Manager and helps with running the clinic’s day to day operations. She is also known for her “corgi squeal” when she is on the floor and a corgi comes into the building!

Alyson shares her life with her boyfriend, her dogs and horses in Eagle, Idaho, on a “mini farm”. When not at work she spends her time riding her dressage horse, enjoying concerts and spending time with family and close friends.

Animal Head Count: 4 Dogs (Baxter, Lola, Barley (all corgis) & Bruticus), 2 Horses (Nikola & Riannon)

Alyson’s Why She Chose Veterinary Medicine: “I love animals, science and caring for anything…the veterinary field just makes it possible to do it all!”

Jennifer Reed
Jennifer Reed
Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

Jennifer (Jen) grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska before moving to Idaho over 10 years ago. She graduated from Brown Mackie College with an Associates of Applied Science, obtaining her Certified Veterinary Technician license shortly after graduation. Jen has been in the field for over 10 years and joined Hometown in 2019. She loves the continued learning of veterinary medicine, and is our pocket-pet specialist.

Jen shares her life with her long-term boyfriend and daughter in Boise, Idaho. She loves to nerd out over Star Wars and Marvel, and you can often find her spending time with those she is close with.

Animal Head Count: 5 Guinea Pigs (Broccoli, Monkey, Edwin, Rupert & Otohiko), 3 Cats (BonBon, Rex & Kirara), 1 Dog (Pacey)

Jen’s Why She Chose Veterinary Medicine: “I love science. The constant learning and continuing of education. Plus a combination of getting to apply that science in helping our pets. My pets have always been a huge part of my family, my happiness, and I love applying that knowledge into helping others.”

Ashton Miller
Ashton Miller
Veterinary Assistant

Ashton is an Idaho native, born and raised in Eagle, Idaho. She has been in the veterinary field for over 3 years now, starting out as a receptionist at our local shelter and moving into technician work when she joined Hometown in 2020. Ashton is a hard worker and takes pride in what she does.

Ashton shares her life with her amazing family. She enjoys adventures and going out camping and hiking in the Idaho mountains.

Animals Head Count: 1 Dog (Dexter), 2 Cats (Oliver & Chester)

Ashton’s Why She Chose Veterinary Medicine: “Growing up I always loved animals, and so did my grandfather (he had his bachelor’s in animal science and originally planned to become a vet). Growing up he used to read to me before bed, and often times he would read from books written by James Harriot (Who’s real name is James Alfred Wight) who just so happened to be a British Veterinarian who is best known for writing a series of books set in the 1930s–1950s Yorkshire. The books were filled with stories about the world of veterinary medicine and the animals that I already loved. My want to go into vet med started with those books, and as I got older I never got over that want. I choose veterinary medicine in part because of my grandfather, but also because of my love and passion for animals and veterinary medicine.”

Erin Eldridge
Veterinary Assistant

Erin is originally from Nebraska, in 2013 her family found themselves moving to Idaho and calling it home as they established life on a cattle ranch. She joined our Hometown family in 2022, and with years of experience working on the ranch she has been able to jump right in with both feet and take on anything put in her direction.

Erin shares her life with her family. During the work week she lives in Kuna, and on her days off and weekends you can find her out at the family ranch in Grand View. One of her most favorite activities is hanging out with her kids, watching them show their cattle all over the country.

Animal Head Count: 52 Cows (…we aren’t even going to begin naming), 6 Dogs (Cinch, Pickles, Polly, Finn, Buck & Hazel), 3 Cats (Mama Kitty, Panini, & Kitty)

Erin’s Why She Chose Veterinary Medicine: “Animals and agriculture are my passion.”

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Gabrielle Washburn
Veterinary Assistant

Gabrielle was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. She was originally a volunteer at Hometown Animal Clinic but shortly after a few shifts in, we had a position open up for her to join our team in Winter of 2022! She is the bright cheerful blonde that all of our clients are greeted by as they walk through our double doors. We enjoy her outgoing personality and she brings so much.

Gabrielle shares her life with her dog Inez, enjoying the outdoors and taking advantage of good weather when we have it. She has a deep passion for ballet dancing too, and we have even heard of clients spotting her out performing! On her lazy days you can catch Gabrielle binge watching her favorite movies/tv shows.

Animal Head Count: 1 Dog (Inez)

Gabrielle’s Why She Chose Veterinary Medicine: “Dogs have helped me, my whole life so I want to advocate for them and give back.”

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Sara Christopher
Veterinary Assistant  

Bio coming soon!

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Jenna Gardner
Veterinary Technician 

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Sarah Anderson
Lead Customer Service Representative 

Sarah moved to Boise in 2015 with her family, she joined our team in Spring of 2023 as a customer service representative. She has done an amazing job working her way up to our Lead Customer Service Representative, giving every client that personal experience when you are upfront.

Sarah shares her life with her family, she is very close with them and enjoys being the “Fun Aunt”. When not working she can be found playing softball, doing crafts and anything she can go and explore with her dog by her side.

Animal Head Count: 1 Dog (Cody)

Sarah’s Why She Chose Veterinary Medicine: “The way that Cody has shown me love and compassion, and what I have learned so much about myself, I want to give that love and compassion back.”