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End of Life Care in Boise, ID

Forever would not be enough

As your pet transcends into his or her final days with you, either from advanced years or an illness, you will unfortunately need to begin looking toward their final days with you. Although heartbreaking, your pet’s quality of life should be a factor. This may mean medication for pain control as well as for other conditions to be sure your pet is comfortable for as long as possible. Our doctors will discuss treatment options based on past history as well as a discussion with you, the owner.

Pet End of Life Care
The decision regarding when to euthanize a beloved pet may be one of the most difficult decisions you make. When the time comes, your decision should be one that you can always look back upon and know the best decision was made and that you would make the same decision over again in the same situation. Our doctors and staff know how hard this situation can be as all have had personal experience with their own beloved pets. Although this decision is very personal, and is ultimately left to the owner, the staff are all here to answer questions and give clarity where we can so that you and your family are able to do what is not only in the best interest of the pet, but also for you and your family.

Once you and your family have decided, we will work with you to schedule the appointment as close to the time you choose as possible. We offer cremation options through Memorial Pet Care. We invite you to call and speak to our staff if you have any further questions about you pet’s end of life care.

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