When your pet is not well, your pet may need more extensive diagnostics than the Doctor’s examination. Labs and diagnostic equipment help us identify the problem so that we can develop a successful treatment plan.

Pet Diagnostic

Laboratory Diagnostics –In house & Send Out

A veterinary laboratory is offered in-house as well as send out, this provides important diagnostic testing for both healthy and sick pets. In a healthy animal, we run laboratory tests during the initial wellness exams to establish baseline values for your pet. As your pet ages and become seniors the tests give us a better picture of their health, providing our doctors with information to keep your pets healthy and happy. If your pet is sick, diagnostic tests give the Doctor the information they need to create a treatment plan specific to his or her condition.


We offer digital radiography for full body radiography as well as dental radiography. Digital x-rays are also quicker, which means less time on the table and less stress for your pet. Digital images can also be enlarged and manipulated, providing detailed information. With the exception of dental x-rays, we send radiograph images to a certified radiologist to provide an accurate diagnosis. This ensures that your pet receives the specific treatment needed for the diagnosed condition in a timely manner. Digital imaging is ideal for diagnosing a wide variety of conditions, including: bone fractures, tumors, cancer, and gastrointestinal problems among other issues.


Our Board-certified radiologist provides a wide variety of services not well diagnosed with traditional diagnostic modalities. Heart health, soft tissue abnormalities, and a variety of digestive issues are often best addressed with ultrasound technology. Pet ultrasound is a non-invasive, painless diagnostic tool that can be used to assess the health of your pet. Our veterinarians use pet ultrasounds to examine the internal organs and check for signs of disease or injury.

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