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When Your Pet Has Skin That Is Itchy or Irritated

Itching is the most typical initial symptom of skin issues in canines and felines. A pet will typically scratch, lick, or chew the itchy region as a natural reaction. It is common for the scratching, licking, or chewing to cause more harm to the skin and expose it to a secondary bacterial or other germ infection.

Skin issues in your pet may be caused by a variety of things, such as:

  • internal diseases and immune-related issues
  • infections brought on by fungus, yeast, or bacterium
  • allergens in the environment that cause reactions
  • bites from fleas or other insects
  • dietary reactions

The secondary infection frequently causes obvious skin issues in cats and dogs. Although such infections are typically treatable, the underlying issue still exists. This is why it is a good idea to have a veterinarian look at your pet’s skin issues. The majority of issues are treatable, and many can be avoided with the right care.

Regular health examinations, starting when you first bring home your new kitten or puppy, offer a fantastic opportunity for the early detection and treatment of issues, including immunological and other internal illnesses that might damage the skin.

Our veterinary experts can recommend easy and affordable steps you may take to help your pet avoid these issues because many pet skin diseases are avoidable.

Healthy practices and proper veterinarian care for your pet will not only make your pet healthier and happier but will also create a healthier atmosphere for your entire home.

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